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Planning an event, whether it's a corporate bash or a music festival, all events can be a smooth sail, if you plan it right! The secret to ensuring this without any unexpected loops lies in choosing the right event management company. So, let us, Icecube Events guide you through an informative journey!

List Your Needs
Before diving into a random Google search, list down your essential requirements;
  • Your Vision
  • Event Type
  • Budget
  • Guest Count
  • Location and Date
  • Services Needed
  • Listing these down, will make it easier for any event company to craft a road for your vision map.

    The Hunt Begins
    Armed with your event checklist. it’s time to hunt for the perfect event management partner.
    ● Online Search: Google is your treasure map. Search for companies that shine in your event category. Read reviews on Google Reviews, and check out their social media presence. This will give you a feel for their style and reputation.
    ● Ask Around: Word of mouth is golden. Ask friends, family, or colleagues if they’ve worked with an event planner before.

    A Proof is the Fact!
    So, you have a list of what you want from the event management company, and a potential list of them? It’s now time to check their portfolios closely. Look at their portfolio to see: One, Past Events, do their previous events match your style and scale? And two, creativity and Execution: Are they good at turning wild ideas into reality?

    Meet and Greet
    Shortlist a few companies and arrange face-to-face (or virtual) meetings. This helps you gauge their personality and professionalism. Look out for red flags: if they struggle to understand your vision or don’t offer viable solutions to potential challenges, they might not be the right fit. Present specific scenarios and ask how they would handle these challenges to assess their problem-solving skills.

    Read the Contract
    Before signing on the dotted line, carefully review the contract to ensure that all the services you need are included and clearly outlined. Check the costs to make sure there are no hidden fees that could catch you by surprise. Additionally, understand the cancellation policy thoroughly in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

    Trust Your Instincts
    After thorough research and meetings, trust your gut feeling. Do you feel confident and excited about working with them? If yes, you’ve found your event management treasure!
    Choosing the right event management company can make the difference between a smooth sailing event and a shipwreck. With Icecube Events, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect partner to create an unforgettable experience

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