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Working from Home vs Productivity

Words which we continue hearing for as far back as scarcely any days which we are adapting to becoming acclimated to. Due to the Covid19 we have all been asked to stay home safely for the past few days, which turns to be something that all the employees are adapting to new culture of working from home.

Its difficult to come out of a typical office routine which was badly our chronic challenge. No rush to office, no urgent business meetings no stressful struggle all came to an end and got shifted to the new culture of working from home and to certain conference calls. It is a blessing also the same time a curse, seems to be that we get distracted very easily if we are not in an office mode. But it certainly is challenge that to stay focused and be productive and not get distracted in home environment.

Be Productive
Must be wondering what is productivity in case of working mode? Productivity can be a persons efficiency to convert the inputs into outputs by undertaking the measures, system and the resources. It's also a huge combination of other aspects like focus, time management and creativity. So if we get the correct combination in place we will be like make it up to the mark and continue our work from home culture easily. As we can see there are many methods:

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Flip the switch
Remember that you are there to work – so set yourself up the correct way, get dressed and walk towards the beginning of the day as opposed to sitting in your night wear for eight hours. “Change from home to work mode,” by having something you genuinely do to “flip the switch” mode.We can get carried away easily in the home environment when compared to the office mode. So try to stick on the office routine as usual have a particular method of work from home. It not only helps you to stay focussed but also gives a structured pattern to efficiently work. And finding a particular place is also much influential for you to work in.

Take up the big one first
Each day when start to work prioritize the tasks for the day accordingly, put the big and tough one at the top of the list. It helps you to plan accordingly for the whole day. As quoted in certain books, a persons mind is fresh in the morning to take up the tasks so there is more chance to conquer the big task easily in the first, which provides you plenty time for other tasks for the whole day.

Break is all we need
Continuous hours of work can make people irritated and tired very soon. So a technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo named as Promodoro Method which is that for every 25 mins of work need a relaxation or a break of 5 mins which helps them to stay focused on work. And keep their track of line of work and time in their work.

Let’s Go
Keep these things in mind and make it into practice. Consider the work from home situation as an opportunity to be with your family. Be happy, enjoy the moments and do your work in the comfort of your home.

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