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Women in the Event Management Industry

Women in the Event Management industry were always a mystery. The one who stood behind the stage and planned the head of the show to the ones who became the face of the event. It was a long path that women and their empowerment have walked in the event industry. Years ago, women’s only job at events was to sit outside the event like an adornment. Women in this field could be found preparing gorgeous and perfect business events from their later years, which undoubtedly assisted their male superiors in closing deals and making good business.When experiential marketing as a field began to be taken considerably more seriously, gently but steadily bringing the women who were quietly operating events behind the scenes with it. We didn’t see as many women as males accepting our industry some years ago, despite the fact that we knew they were working to generate them. Then it began to shift as well and this change was evidently seen even from the best event management companies in Kerala.Today, we see just as many women as men running events, producing events, heading brand and agency teams, and, most importantly, claiming their due place at the top of the charts. Women in Events has begun an initiative to recognize the unique contributions and development made by women in the experiential marketing business. Since then, we’ve highlighted more than 100 women on the front lines of this tough, thrilling, and fast-paced industry in publications, newspapers, and articles.

How to improve the participation of women in events?
Raise awareness and support: You have the capacity to raise awareness and support the professional development needs of women in your organization, whether you work for a giant multinational corporation or a tiny start-up.
Collaborate with the proper people: Coworkers, a mentor, HR, collaborate with people before bringing leadership into the conversation. To go from discussion to action, it’s critical to be prepared to explain not only the concerns you want to address, but also the potential solutions, programs, and initiatives you want to execute.
Equality: Connect men and women who represent diverse roles and levels using your instincts and your own network both inside your business and outside.
Sharing Value equally: In an open workplace where there is mutual respect and a willingness to change the status quo, having women and men discuss their experiences, difficulties, and professional development requirements has enormous significance.
Icecube Events is one of the best event management companies in Kerala, Kochi support and initiate women to bring up their talents and skills in events. The more they came into the limelight the more equal we share our space between ourselves.

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