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Self Note To Event Planners – Be The Avengers

An event planner’s life is thrilling and at the same time challenging. As all of us in the field know, It’s never like a usual 9 to 5 job. Every day of an event manager’s career is quite a challenge. When the survival of the fittest rule applies everywhere, Here it applies in the double swing.
Allow us to take you on a unique journey through the life of an Event Planner.Working in an event management company is like being an avenger! Don’t be surprised! Yes, you heard it right. Just like avengers, they meet new battlefields in every event, they need to adapt various characteristics to successfully conduct an event and there it becomes essential to convert themselves as our superheroes.

Captain America- Never Gets Tired

Event Management Services in Kochi | Icecube Events

Even for a one-day event, a party planner must begin work 3-4 days, a week or even a month-long in advance, depending on the event’s specifics.In most of those pre-event preparation days they might return home late, can be sleep-deprived and the work could also demand to commence early in the morning. Getting acclimated to it and putting 100% effort and devotion into it deserves nothing but superheroes energy. Yeah! It’s a big deal, and you want to be prepared for it – be Captain America.

Carry The Laughter – Like Spider Man

Event Management Services in Kochi | Icecube Events

It will be hectic in the weeks running up to an event. So never allow stress to impair your work efficiency, decision-making skills, or mental wellness. Thereby always carry a spirit of laughter and a sense of humour with you and do it with perfection! Like Spiderman approaching a do or die fight!

Be Doctor Strange – See The Future – Have The Backup

Event Management Services in Kochi | Icecube Events

As an event planner, you must be aware of the potential problems that may arise during an event. Maybe the caterer got unavailable at the last minute, the power went off etc. As a result, you should have a variety of plans in mind, including a backup plan, to ensure that the event runs successfully. You must have a clear picture, to do what if something went wrong!

Remember – You Are Not Loki

Event Planning Company Kochi | Icecube Events

Why Loki, you might wonder. Every event organiser has the notion that they are capable of accomplishing as many things as they desire. However, most people forget that nothing can be done at the same moment. To get the most out of your work, understand your strengths and limitations, split it up, and delegate it to team members of your event management company with adequate planning. You are just one person with different abilities; you cannot be split or transferred into other persons as Loki does!

Remember – You Are Not Thor – You don’t decide Weather

Event Planning Company Kochi | Icecube Events

You are neither the god of thunder like Thor nor someone who has control over the day’s weather. So depending on weather or expecting friendly weather to an event is never a good idea. When it comes to weather, expect the unexpected and be prepared. Whether it’s rainy or sunny, the show must go on! (Remember – Thor is an Avenger but an Asgardian, not a human)

Be Iron Man – Keep Learning

Event Planning Company Kochi | Icecube Events

Like in movies – as new villains and challenges are arising, the event field is also experiencing new trends and updates. Just because you’re the best in your field doesn’t mean you’re immune to new competition. So learn from the experiences, examine the new trends and transform yourself into the next level in the field – as iron man does to his and spider man’s suit!

Assemble Your Team – Like Avengers

Event Planning Company Kochi | Icecube Events

The success of an event depends on how well your event crew performs. As an event manager, you must be aware of your team’s strengths and weaknesses and assign them to what they are best at. Making it the most & best memorable event for the client!!!Icecube Events has done countless events that have startled and blown out the emotional and happy moments of customers on their quest to become one of the best event management companies in Kerala. That result, in our experience, can only be achieved by putting in a lot of effort and planning well in advance of the event. Thus it becomes magical when we transform ourselves as the avengers of the field!!!

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