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Licenses And Permissions Required For Conducting An Event

If you are planning to run a public event, you will need to go through a set of procedures, and the most important of these include obtaining specific licenses from the relevant authorities. Event licensing is a lengthy procedure and it needs to be understood clearly from the outset.To help you out on these, we’re here today with a list of licenses you would require to conduct events.

There are various licenses depends on the type of the events

Best Event Management Companies in Kochi | Icecube Events

  • Non-Objection Certificate from Police Station
  • Non-Objection Certificate from Additional Collectors Office
  • Non-Objection Certificate from Fire & Rescue Dept.
  • Non-Objection Certificate from Traffic Police
  • Non-Objection Certificate from Health Department
  • Non-Objection Certificate from Electrical Inspector
  • Non-Objection Certificate from Local Government (Corporation/ Municipality etc)
    Now, if you'd wish to incorporate entertainment activities in the event mentioned above, you'll require these licenses along with them:

  • Best Event Management Companies in Kochi | Icecube Events

    Loudspeaker License – This consent is needed if you use a loudspeaker in your outdoor public/private event. This has to be collected from the local Police Station of the area where your event will be held.
    Public Performance License (PPL) – PPL is required if you have any pre-recorded music playing at your event. Whether it’s through radio, live streaming, or a Deejay performing, you need to get the PPL License from Phonographic Performance Ltd.
    NOVEX License – Even though you take a PPL license for the music performance (live or recorded), if you are using any music with the music rights with NOVEX, you need to take extra permission from NOVEX Communications.
    IPRS (Indian Performing Rights Society Ltd) – It is issued for any live performance on the event venue.
    Foreign Artist Permission – If you have foreign artists performing at your event, you must obtain permission from the National Government Service Portal.
    Thought it’s done? Never! There're a few more to acquire to ensure a smooth flowing event:

    Public Work Departments Licence – This is mandatory to have if you are planning to do a Protocol Event.
    Premises License – This needs to be obtained from the local authority of the event venue.
    FSSAI (The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) – If you plan to cook and serve food items in the event, you should consider having this license.
    Liquor License/Excise Licence – Serving liquor, in any event, wouldn't be possible without this license.
    Certificate Regarding The Fitness Of Machinery – If you have any amusement ride in the event, you 'll require this license.

    Need Help?
    There can be a lot of variations of licenses and permits to put on for different events – we know you might feel overwhelmed to research and find them out. But blowing off a required permit can definitely be disastrous. So, seeking help from a professional event planner is the only solution to ease this out.Icecube Event Management is the best event management company in Kerala that you can rely on for that. We have an experience of more than a decade dealing with various Govt Bodies, licenses, and permissions and are capable of assisting you to conduct any events with all the necessary licenses/permissions.You can connect with us at 04842320200 for any event-related assistance.

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