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Ideas For Alcohol-Free Events

Alcohol is a common thread that we can see in most of the events today. Corporate events, Weddings, holiday gatherings, whatever the happening event may be, there would be alcohol for sure. Yet, according to WHO, nearly half of the world’s adult population does not consume any alcohol at all! So it is salient to provide more non-alcoholic drinks for the majority of attendees.

Here, we will go through some beneficial suggestions and ideas for hosting an alcohol-free event without losing its essence.

A Mocktail Bar could be your lifesaver!

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The main tip for facilitating a fantastic liquor-free event is setting up a mocktail bar with a signature drink. Mocktails are currently not restricted to a few adaptations of conventional beverages. It offers a great deal of creativity and flavor profile. With regards to non-cocktails, there are plenty of choices as well. You might, for instance, serve shimmering tropical juices or layer vibrant colors for unique beverages.You can also dazzle your guests with mixed drinks and punch that isn’t alcoholic. Make sure you have a variety of syrups, juices, and sparkling water on hand for your visitors. Assuming it’s a lot to coordinate, you can recruit event management companies for providing food and bartending. These experts will ensure you get the specific mocktail bar that you need with your ideal flavors.
Change The Event Theme
If you are planning a non-alcoholic event changing your usual event theme would be the best to do. Treat your guests to a formal dance with professional instructors and live music, for example. Design an event environment that is less inclined to have space for liquor. It ought to be experiential, so the guests don’t get exhausted and miss not having a wine or mixed drink. You could also host a tea party with a few tea varieties and blends, along with finger foods and pastries.Likewise, there is also a choice to put together an event with live food or BBQ so your visitants can zero in on suppers. Similarly, you can go with a 1950s theme where burgers, fries, and milkshakes rule the event. Another great thought is to have an open-air occasion with connoisseur espresso, chocolate, and marshmallows. Keep your guests engaged with an intuitive theme and different food choices.
Look Into Drink’s Appeal
When discussing non-alcoholic beverages, you may think that there are only limited garnishing options, but it isn’t the case. Today, plenty of options are available to amplify the aesthetics and visually entice those drinks. Apart from enhancing the visual appeal, garnishing goes into another level of creating aromatics and trying out different customized flavors.Some creative edible garnishes to color up the drinks are cotton candy, skewered cookies and candied fruit. You can also use fruit pieces like fresh berries, cranberries and whatever is suitable, or flowers like calendula, orchid blossoms. Garnish options are not yet done – you can also use fragrant herbs like rosemary, sage, basil etc. Use vegetables to make it more healthy, warm seasonings and food items like waffles, doughnuts. Besides, for rim garnishing, make use of chocolate syrup, toasted coconut, truffle-infused salt etc. It’s better to seek the help of a professional event management company as they will suggest and arrange the suitable options according to your guests preferences.
Set Up A Dry Bar
Dry bar venues have the potential to be a game-changer for all events. The light beverage lovers will love the dry bar since it serves the option of Non- Alcoholic beverages. The dry bar gives off a bar-like atmosphere with snacks and drinks, which are great for conversations. You can even serve clients hot chocolate, cappuccino, or other beverages which can be flavored differently according to your customer’s taste.
Offer Assorted Options
Non-alcoholic brands are becoming extremely popular as an increasing number of people give up alcohol due to its side effects. If you’re planning on hosting a no-alcohol event, make sure to provide your guests with high-quality non-cocktail options. Non-cocktails and brands are becoming increasingly well-known as demand for alcohol-free occasions and celebration grows day by day.
Let’s Go For It.
Now you are all set to organize a successful, non-alcoholic and healthy party that the guests and their families will love to attend. Since the richness of non-alcoholic drinks is absent in usual events today, you may be confused about how to effectively set up such an event that will impress your guests.Relax we Icecube Events are ready to provide all the help. Being the best event management company in Kerala, we can suggest a set of non-alcoholic drinks that will suit your guest group and arrange it in a professional approach.So the next time you’re hosting an event, Remember to give us a call at 9847310015 Let us chill your guests together!!
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