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Different Types Of Seating Arrangements For Events

An event becomes successful only if all the aspects of an event come in proportion and perfection. One of the critical aspects which define the mood and engagement of the event, from the beginning to end is the seating arrangement.Looking into our day-to-day life we can see different types of seating arrangements. The arrangement of sofas in the entry room is much different from the chair arrangement in a classroom or seat positioning in a theatre. Like that we use different seating arrangements for different events. Let’s go through some of those.


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One of the most popular arrangements in the banquet hall. The guests are seated around a round table which allows the guests to interact with each other. Mainly used in award nights, gala dinners, weddings, and other informal events.


Event Planning Company Kochi | Icecube Events

Cabaret-style is similar to banquet style, but the chairs will not encircle the table completely. The audience is seated in an arc facing towards the stage. It is most popular in seminars, workshops, training, and events with presentations, etc.


Event Planning Company Kochi | Icecube Events

The simplest and most usual arrangement is used in events. The chairs are arranged in a row one after another. It was perfect for audience-type events – performances, product launches, etc. This style helps to utilize the maximum area in a room to include maximum people in the function.


Event Planning Company Kochi | Icecube Events

This long table seating arrangement is also called cafeteria-style, with several rows of chairs lining in it. Many guests can sit together and interact face to face, which makes the event memorable among them. Popular in wedding receptions and dinner parties where huge family gatherings happen.


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Unlike the other seated arrangements, cocktail style is just standing and roaming! No chairs, no tables! The style was similar in cocktail parties, Christmas parties, weddings, and other social events.

Stand-up Reception

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This is a more aesthetic-oriented style. Highboy tables covered with floor-length ties are scattered around the venue, making it easy for guests to find and have the place. Popular during dance parties, cocktail parties, etc.


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The same way we sit in the classroom, as the chairs and trestle table aligned in a straight row. It was the perfect seating arrangement for lectures, meetings, and seminars where writing the matter or use of a laptop is necessary.


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Seating arrangement similar to classroom style, but a slight difference. Instead of arranging it as straight rows, the table and chairs are angled inwards. It is mainly used for lectures, training, conferences, etc.

U shaped

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Seating arrangement in the shape of letter U. The tables and chairs are arranged in an open-ended configuration with all audiences facing inwards. It allows the presenter to approach every individual and the audience can interact with each other easily. Mainly used for meetings, training, conferences of smaller groups.


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Similar to U shaped style, the chairs are arranged in U shape with the audience facing inwards, facing the focal point of the event. There will be no tables in front of them. It gives an advantage to the speaker as he can address and approach each individual personally. Mainly used in team briefings, discussions.

Hollow Square

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Seating is arranged around a large table, with 4 sides and no open end. All the audience are facing inwards, facing each other Suitable for small meetings, discussions, training, and workshops.


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This is a lighter version of horse square and U-shaped styles. All the members are facing inwards with an elongated table between them. Used for team briefings, small presentations, one on one interviews.


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Sloping (mainly round/arch) model seating arrangement which makes it easy for every audience to see the function. The sloppy style gives an aesthetic beauty when looking from outside. Used in weddings, theatres, stadiums, etc.

Lounge Zone

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It’s a special type of seating arrangement in which we use the large indoor or outdoor spaces to create some unique points including sofas, coffee tables, chairs, bar tables, and ottomans in clusters to form a different and creative space.

Planning A function?
Deciding on the suitable seating arrangement alone cannot make your function successful, it needs adequate planning for every moment. Whether it's your wedding, birthday, conference, company meetup, or any celebrations, it’s important to make that a memorable day for you and everybody who attends it.From selecting the ideal venue to perfecting every aspect of your imagination, we, Icecube events, the best event management company in Kerala can make it upon your dream. Feel free to contact us @ 048-42 320 200.

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