Exciting event trends 2014.

From simply organising a gathering or a function, events have now become truly ‘eventful’. Personal celebrations like weddings, birthdays and special surprises, and professional events like conferences, meetings and award ceremonies today are grander, bigger and more organised. In the past decade, professional event management has become serious business. As with most other industries, this sector too is constantly evolving and innovating trends, themes, concepts and more.

At every event, the hosts and organisers want something new, something different and at times, something crazily exciting. There’s a lot happening this year too, but here we pick five trends that can be easily adapted to your events, both personal and professional:

  1. Technology and its tricks: New apps and digital platforms are opening up quicker, easier and more exciting options to event planners. On-site registration is gaining in popularity and is almost becoming the norm at many events. Planners are using technology to help guests do faster check-ins to shows and events.
    Social seat selection is in, and guests love it. Event planners can now plan seating arrangements based on your social connection. So, you might end up next to your best buddy or your favourite colleague.
    Try the 3-D hologram experience! It’s the latest trend where light and sound work on a 3-D format creating a visual illusion of the performer, who is actually not present at the site. Curiously exciting, right!
  2. Social media presence: There is no ignoring social media and its vast reach. Networking, engaging, communicating and interacting was never this easy. The events page on Facebook can help you get in touch with fellow guests, plan travel and coordinate things, or simply bond with the people you are going to meet. It makes the event a more pleasant experience.
  3. One-page website: The trend of opening a website for an event has been around for a while. All details of the event—venue, time, date, dress code, and more—are given on the site. It’s very helpful for guests too as they have a point of reference. Today, the format of websites is seeing a change, a shift to a one-page format. It’s neater, cleaner and classier. Not to mention, easier to access on mobile devices.
  4. An eye for the ideal venue: An auditorium, a club, a banquet hall or hotel may be passé. The venue is often the first striking aspect. We have seen beach weddings, but now even corporates are ready to head to fun venues like beaches, hilltop resorts, the jungles and so on. Workshops and team building activities can be more fun and effective in such environs.
  5. Say it like a story: Colour themes and dress codes, make a move. The fad now is to tell it like a tale. Events are now being unveiled in the pattern of a story, bringing in a sense of purpose, reason, emotion, and a bit of drama. The hosts enjoy breaking the story, just as much as the guests enjoy being a part of it.

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